Week Two: The Care And Keeping Of You

Dec 5th: Potluck and Discussion on local food

Please join us in coming together to eat, socialize, and discuss existing community programs that promote sustainable food and local places to get involved with. Bring a dish, and a piece of information to share with the group so we can help each other be informed and fed. We will publish a list of categories you can research if you do not already know of where to start! 7-8 pm!


Dec 7: Craft Exchange and Clothing Swap

We will discuss responsible shopping and holiday gift giving. If you have a craft or handmade item you'd like to give in the spirit of the holidays we will set up an exchange between our attendees. You might also want to participate in our clothing swap. We can cover current events in discussion and enjoy each other's company! 7-8pm! 


 BYO Healthy, cheap, and local food options!

BYO Healthy, cheap, and local food options!

Week One: Introducing How To Survive

Nov 28th: Empathy

Darragh Nolan & Leah Koontz, former roommates and current soulmates, are both members of New Boone who feel the urgency for action. In efforts to contribute positively to our community in this polarized time, we have decided to launch a free and open to this public class series, “How to Survive” beginning with a group discussion of bell hooks “Understanding Patriarchy” with a focus on empathy. 7-8 pm!

We will use the reading posted by No Borders which you can find here
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Nov 30th: Group Therapy

Marla is a local social worker, in efforts to bring the community together and engage in dialog as well as group healing, she will be leading an open therapy session at New Boone. 7-8 pm!