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Wish List

What if I were to describe a list as a physical path to a future reality? What if I spent most of my day writing, rewriting, manipulating text on a loose sheet of paper, only to push it into the tiny deep corner of my pocket? No one will know that I'm traveling with a weight, this hope, to act on intimate thoughts, to gain a sense of clarity. I'll travel down the street on a bus, scratching down my thoughts, developing an object to push deeper into my pocket. A wish list.

Wish List is an exhibition opening October 2016 featuring artists Elizabeth Loux, Olivia Menta and Yixuan Pan.  New Boone member Stephanie Price curates Wish List which is comprised of work utilizing crafting techniques such as rug making, candy creating and tile laying. This gentle group of works focuses on earnest messages from the artists to the viewer.  The artists have created works about language, tender love gestures and self care.

Please join us at New Boone for a preview & conversation about Wish List on Thursday 6th at 7:30pm. 
Wish List will open October 7th from 7pm til 10pm. This exhibition can be seen at New Boone from the 8th to the 9th of October during gallery hours 12pm-3pm or on the selected dates by appointment.

Earlier Event: September 2
Later Event: November 4
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