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The Interchange

“The Interchange” will open Thursday May 4th from 6-9:00pm at New Boone. Please Join us for a First Friday reception on May 5th from 6-9:00pm. Gallery Hours will be Saturday and Sunday from 12-3:00pm. A Discussion will take place on Sunday May 7th from 2-3:00pm.

The idea of survival is a complex one, the very semantics of language insist that we consider context and perspective when defining survival. “The Interchange” aims to examine emotional survival, history, and the fragility of life from the perspective of Jewish youth at the intersection where 1917 and 2017 meet.

“The Interchange” considers the vulnerable individual’s methods for emotional survival in the moments before, during, and after a tragedy. The Interchange departs on this task by imagining and recreating the very personal space in which one’s personhood manifests to the greatest degree, their bedroom. As Gaston Bachelard says in “The Poetics of Space” “[T]he house thrusts aside contingencies, its councils of continuity are unceasing. Without it, [people] would be a dispersed being[s]. It maintains [them] through the storms of the heavens and through those of life. It is body and soul. It is human being’s first world.” “The Interchange”  helps its viewers contend with the hate that is attached to tragedy through the exploration of the story of a girl named Blanche. This story offers numerous opportunities for contemplation and this particular perspective offers us the possibility to unpack not only emotional survival, but history, and the fragility of life.

“The Interchange”  honors and remembers Blanche, a person who faced immense struggles in her time, and points at youth who are victims of today’s environment of hate. “The Interchange” inspects survival by examining a sizeable period of time in the history of America, a history shaped by its shameful roots of white oppression. This history is cyclical, and has brought us to the moment we are contending with today. This is a moment where citizens are largely complacent, and the marginalized continue to be pushed to the edges where we are endangered on a daily basis.


The struggles of marginalized female youth in America are exasperated, each individual perspective carrying its own specific and terrible burden. When these burdens manifest tragedy [or manifest in tragedy], lessons about our social context emerge. This can be explored intimately through the lense of the things which belong to someone, and the place in which they exist or cease to exist. "The Interchange"  features an installation which reflects upon Jewish youth in 1917, as well as Jewish youth today, 100 years later in 2017.

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The Interchange by Leah Koontz
The Interchange: Installation by Darragh Nolan

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The Interchange