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Press Start


New Boon(e) presents Press Start, a group show curated by
Maureen O’Dwyer.


Throughout history, art has depicted the observable, natural, scientific world, as well as the ecstatic mysteries of religion, mythology, and folklore.  These two seemingly disparate means of experiencing reality have often been at odds, especially as the slow forward march of scientific progress threatens the structures of power built by religious institutions. One such intellectual and ideological struggle centers around our very beginnings: the birth of the universe, abiogenesis, and evolutionary biology versus religious narratives of creation.


The artists featured in Press Start work in a variety of mediums and individually approach their understandings of the origins of life and the universe by religious, spiritual, and/or scientific means. Press Start seeks to explore whether or not these contemporary artists reconcile these scientific theories and creation narratives, and contextualizes the artwork for the broader understanding of the audience. The work varies between the personal and the impersonal, the certain and the uncertain, and does not provide answers so much as it raises more questions.


Participating Artists:

Taesook Jung
Katie Dillon Low
Olivia Jia
Erin Malkowski
Karim Habib El Fakih
Dana Kotler

Press Start will open on First Friday,
May 6 from 7-10 PM

In Conjunction with our First Friday show Press Start, New Boon(e) will be screening Giant Man, a short film by former member Joshua Francis Beaver on Saturday, May 7th at 8pm.

Gallery Hours:
Saturday, May 7th   12pm-3pm
Sunday, May 8th   12pm-3pm