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Empty Boutique

  • New Boone 253 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA, 19106 United States (map)


For the first week of November & First Friday, New Boon(e) and curators Sasha Parker and Christina Lower are pleased to present a collaborative effort by Jamie Felton and Zachary Rawe in their November exhibition, empty boutique (remaining in idle).

Felton and Rawe’s work describes the autonomous art object’s role in proliferating aesthetics within painting and fashion alike. Felton displays a series of brightly colored abstract paintings consisting goof a variety of brushstrokes that waver between confidence and clumsy doodles. Placed in between Felton’s pieces are a series of roughly hand-sewn t-shirts by Rawe that take cues from Felton’s paintings and consider how her decisions can become applicable within the fields of design and fashion.

Felton’s practice inherently problematizes the historical notion of painting as purely emotional Her gestural brushstrokes lay on the surface and allow observers to both experience and sift through her authorship as thought it were in a petri dish. This analytical treatment of painting is complicated by it’s lineage to lyrical abstraction, with palates that are equally reminiscent of Helen Frankenthaler’s soak-stain paintings and Urban Outfitters’ faded color aesthetic. It is here that Felton’s work can be read as an attempt to procure an object where analytics, design, and intuition can rest together in an awkward longing

Rawe will be presenting grey and silver t-shirts situated uncomfortably between autonomous art objects and utilitarian design that express an interest in productive modes of passivity. These shirts are equipped with comically ambitious componets such as hidden interior pocks that allude to self sufficiency. For example, Prototypes: Silver Becoming a Bedraggled Machine (grey jersey t-shirt with large interior pocket for carrying all you need in a day on your person and not on your back) is a shirt that desires to lose the necessity of a bag. Though self sufficiency is referenced, the shirts’ uniformity deny a state of individuality by focusing on aesthetic links.

Please visit us this First Friday in Old City, and support our loca,l young Philadelphia Artists. The show will be opening at 6:30 pm, and refreshments will be served and catered by Patrick Higgins. It will be on Display until November 7th.

Later Event: November 14
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