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As stated by Foucault, “the anxiety of our era has to do fundamentally with space.” While anxiety is surely apparent in our time, Summer Reading at Boone: Dreaming of Space is a four session reading series that invites you to contemplate different kinds of abstract spaces of interiority that we experience in daily life. All of these readings on spaces are rooted in the dreams and desires of mankind, and will explore the complexity of implementation, the bittersweetness of dreams lost, and also the spaces of healing. Dates and times of these events will be announced via social media.

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The idea of survival is a complex one, the very semantics of language insist that we consider context and perspective when defining survival. “The Interchange” aims to examine emotional survival, history, and the fragility of life from the perspective of Jewish youth at the intersection where 1917 and 2017 meet.







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New Boone is accepting inquiries about membership and collaborating with Philadelphia artists, writers, and students. In weekly meetings, members discuss a range of issues concerning maintenance of the space, upcoming shows, potential members, and goals. Contact us if you are interested in joining New Boone.