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The idea of survival is a complex one, the very semantics of language insist that we consider context and perspective when defining survival. “The Interchange” aims to examine emotional survival, history, and the fragility of life from the perspective of Jewish youth at the intersection where 1917 and 2017 meet.“The Interchange” will open Thursday May 4th from 6-9:00pm at New Boone. Please Join us for a First Friday reception on May 5th from 6-9:00pm. Gallery Hours will be Saturday and Sunday from 12-3:00pm. A Discussion will take place on Sunday May 7th from 2-3:00pm. 

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Intimacy and Abnegation explores the curious experience of a double bind: that is people having more opportunity for friendship, romantic connections, and professional networking, but having this nagging doubt towards having real connections with other people despite the closeness that technology allows us. And yet, there is this strange feeling that humanity is moving forward, while we feel like the connection between other human beings is slowly being eroded or just lost.







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