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Intimacy and Abnegation explores the curious experience of a double bind: that is people having more opportunity for friendship, romantic connections, and professional networking, but having this nagging doubt towards having real connections with other people despite the closeness that technology allows us. And yet, there is this strange feeling that humanity is moving forward, while we feel like the connection between other human beings is slowly being eroded or just lost. The artists in this exhibition continue the historical legacies of the their conceptual art predecessors from the late 1960s and the 1970s. Many of these earlier practices were grounded in what was then a critique of the alienation of late capitalism. During those years, Americans experienced a great economic boom. Since then, the economy has been on a steady decline while the material technological advances have made it difficult for many to dislodge themselves from the comfort they give all of us, as we face an unknowable and an ever complicate future.

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In light of the recent political climate in America, New Boone has decided to launch an emergency free and open to the public class series called How to Survive. This will run twice a week, for seven weeks. In fourteen 'classes' leading up to inauguration day, we will explore themes of democracy, healing, and unity. These 30-60 minute classes will take place Monday and Wednesday from 7-8pm. We will rely on volunteer teachers from our community to instruct creative and constructive means of coping. We hope to provide a safe space which activates the local community to support and participate in peaceful recalibration and resistance. 







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New Boone is accepting inquiries about membership and collaborating with Philadelphia artists, writers, and students. In weekly meetings, members discuss a range of issues concerning maintenance of the space, upcoming shows, potential members, and goals. Contact us if you are interested in joining New Boone.